A nice installation of our Pop Pop Pop OUT- System Wallpaper, in Mannheim, Germany.
Huge illusion effects!

Project by Freisberg Wohnbedarf und Raumfreiheit.

New vibrations in Wall&decò Milan showroom

You can have new inspirations in the Wall&decò showroom in Milan: for few days, new atmospheres characterize the spaces of the Milanese showcase, on the occasion of the winter revamp.
Here is the gallery!

Wall&decò @Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 2019

Wall&decò takes part even this year to the Milan furniture Fair Salone del Mobile Milano. Shanghai, China's Made in Italy reference event now in its fourth edition. On the occasion Wall&decò describes its entire world: Contemporary Wallpaper, Essential Wallpaper, Wet System and Out System.

THIS IS BANSHI / Sushi Restaurant

This is a project that was released in 12 days of work: The space started as a fish shop and in two weeks it was transformed into a cozy and little restaurant of 32 seats.
The ambient is minimal in its black lines, but warm with its green colours and light details.
Green plants, trees and flowers are essential for this place because it strongly supports ecological environmental values: from its packaging of delivery till the napkins, everything is eco-friendly! So even the wallpaper, declined into WET System in order grant for a long-lasting durability recalls to 'green' guide-lines.

Wallpaper: Du Jour in WET System
Project: Marta Gover Design, Udine
ph. Rocco Taglialegne


The WET SYSTEM Buen Retiro, with its design and special colour palette, is the focus of the whole restyling project, involving existing walls and furnishings.
The room under renovation has been converted into a contemporary and bright environment.
The graphics, defined by the intersection of the map of a metropolitan city and the silhouette of a mountainous relief,  perfectly recalls to the panorama close to the location , situated in Conegliano (Tv), Italy.
The wallpaper, installed over the long and curved surfaces of the bar counter and all along the walls, creates a backdrop that welcomes and envelops the customers, accompanying them from the entrance to the restaurant room.

Wallpaper: Buen Retiro, WET System Collection 2015
Project : Arch. Da Ros Flavia – Arch. Ragagnin Mara
Ph: Simone Marcuzzo


4-star wellness

Haus Palatinum, Weingut Alfons Ziegler , St.Martin

Nestled in the hills of St. Martin, Germany, where the green of the vineyards is the dominant landscape, Gaestehaus Palatinum offers itself as an oasis of well-being and relaxation.
The restoration reminds the warmth of the woods used for the walls and floors, inspired by the surrounding nature.
The WET System, used inside the showers in each suite, is interpreted as a reference to the contemporary and attention to detail.

WET System: Zar, Hanami, Evanescence, New Romantic

Project: Planungsbüro Faisst

interview with Justin Fox - California Landscape Studios and Karen Bonadio - Wallpaperguru

Justin Fox is the founder and lead designer of California Landscape Studios. Established in 2007, the firm is specialized in constructing luxury exteriors featuring unique pools and spas. Their work method employs total customization. CLS won the PSN Masters of Design awards in 2018 as well as the APSP International Awards of Excellence.

Karen Bonadio, AKA Wallpaperguru, is a California State Licensed Contractor based in Los Angeles, specialized in Custom and Historic Wallpaper Installation and Restoration. She is very passionate about restoring antique wallcoverings, "preserving the past for future generations". Karen has worked with top interior designers and architects. Her work has been featured on Old House Journal Magazine, Arts & Antiques Magazine and the Palisades Post

here below a short extract from the interview they released:

Justin, we are so in love with you Irvine installation featuring our Grand Ribaud design. How did the project come to be? Were the clients already open to the idea of wallpaper for exteriors?
The clients love modern design. Their house features glossy porcelain floors and polished stone. Since the backyard was a blank slate, I made it my goal to bring their style to the outside as well. The space is shaped like a pie slice and to change that I introduced two feature walls, parallel to the house, creating a more structured feel. These walls are the focal pieces of the project and when I came across the OUT SYSTEM by Wall&decò collections, I knew I could add vibrancy with the right decor: I chose Grand Ribaud because it matches the two colors I used inside the pool. The clients had never heard about wallpaper for exteriors before, but being the one that actually built the pool, I could convince them it was the right solution.

Karen, How does installing wallpaper with your own hands make you feel? What kind of motivation do you get when you are working on a project?
Wallpaper initially engages my visual senses, but then it goes deeper. There have been occasions, such as when working with the Wall&decò collection, where I literally felt the colors and patterns emotionally. These internal feelings ignite my passion and uplift me! It is in these moments that I truly connect to the wallcovering project. When I am in that Zen place of connection to my work, I feel like an artist. My hands become the tools that create a one-of-a-kind Art Installation.


Anja Rixen graduated in economic high school. She has worked in different interior shops, honing her expertise in modern design and creating a unique knowledge of the best Scandinavian, Italian and French furniture brands. In 1996 she opens her first store near Stuttgart. In 2008 La Maison is born in Trier: a new concept of design experience, created to provide "lifestyle planning solutions" encompassing every detail in modern living.

here below and extract taken by the interview she released us:

1. You restored "a neglected and unfinished" house into a holiday home "to show the things we do at La Maison". A labour of love, as well as a professional achievement. Looking at the Chalet, we can definitely feel the energy, the inspiration. Was it a "spark of the moment" decision or was it something you had in your mind for some time?

It was something I felt I needed for a long time. I wanted customers to experience our work as a whole, yet I was not so sure how exactly to achieve this, until earlier this year I found the house. Immediately I thought: this is it. The style, the location... I got really inspired and everything fell into place naturally.
Now it is a charming casual holiday Chalet and we took this opportunity to collaborate with our manufacturers, allowing us to show how we work - the whole process - to our clients.

5. From your point of view, what is the general perception of wallpaper today? Is the public aware of the new possibilities (like wallpaper in the bathroom)? Is it something you get asked about or do you have to lead the clients into this rich, unique world?

Wallpaper and wall design are, generally, an important topic today and we are often asked for input. Wallpaper in the bathroom, however, is a different story!
Most clients at first will think of it as strange and unusual. Always the same questions: does that actually work? Is it truly waterproof?
We have to build trust in this new kind of wallpaper and that is exactly the reason why I wanted to feature Wet System in the Chalet: so that clients can test it for themselves. They can see it does truly work in a regularly-used bathroom. This will give people a lot more trust in this "strange and new" – for them! – kind of wallpaper.


An important issue for Wall&deco on MCM Italy - October 2019
The founder and creative director opens the doors of his home revealing the universe and the creative foundations that distinguish his inspirations.

CERSAIE 2019- 23/27 OCTOBER 2019

The leitmotif of the new WET SYSTEM 2019 collection - a patented technical coating by Wall&decò for waterproofing and decorating shower walls and humid interiors - is the search for unprecedented tonalities in perfect harmony, which converge as a coherent and balanced whole.

Now, the wallpaper for bathroom interiors is immersed in constant light which culminates in a nonlight, an anti-matter consisting of air. It permeates objects and interiors, rendering them colourless, on the grey scale. Resulting tonalities are nothing more than the mirror of the surrounding environment, or symbolising detachment and self-protection, in a skilfully dosed colour balance and an effort to generate calm and meditative interiors. The palette of colours is filtered through an alternation of profoundly material and consistent textures, cross-contaminated and transformed into a new concept of rainbow. Colour combinations are exclusive: powdery purples and dark red enter interiors and denote them, despite being enriched by a translucent effect which limits them, enables their perfect harmony and prevents them from becoming overbearing.

The new WET System 2019 collection features alongside the OUT SYSTEM 2019 collection, enriched by five new graphics with material effects, evoking braided fabrics or recounting geometric and architectonic patterns. Textures embrace an illusory connotation, despite perfectly integrating with the surrounding environment.


This residential project - developed by Gao Architects in Lubiana - expresses a passion for details and finishings to provide a light and fresh feel.
The bedroom is as a small oasis and combines in a single environment a bathroom, a bed and a walk-in-wardrobe. The wallpaper along with the sparkling ceramic tiles selected create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

Wallpaper: Libellula, by Lorenzo De Grandis, CWC 2016
Ph.: Miran Kambic


A certain shade of grey

A residential renovation project:
the bathroom area has been interpreted using the more material-effect grey shades:
the resin-covered surfaces in the tones of gunmetal grey open out onto handy storage wall recesses. Evanescence wallpaper from WET System applied in the shower room is indicative of Wall&decò substrate material effect designed for humid environments. The grey tones are reflected onto the large mirrors.

Project: De Gregorio Inneneinrichtungen
Wallpaper: Evanescence, Wet System Collection


Italian-style glamour for the Italian restaurant " La Cucina di Mamma", in London.
A restyling with the installation of vintage flavour furnishings and the use of textured surfaces which complete the cosy atmosphere.
On the walls, Paparazzi wallpaper adds a touch of intriguing glamour, which characterises the eatery.

Wallpaper: 'Paparazzi' by Draga&Aurel
Project by: Yotu Design Studio, London



This residential project by Gerard Faivre is rich in textile  and fashion allusions.
The markedly regular profiles of the master bathroom interior, also generated by the contrast between whites and blacks, is tempered by feminine lace, evoked by the WET System wallpaper.
In the second bedroom, a warm houndstooth separates the interior from a welcoming bathroom. The combination of textures with light grey velvets and satins is palpable and enhanced by the use of dark greys and blacks in the wall coating.
Wallpapers: Burlesque and Kefia | WET- System 

ph: Mathieu Fiol



Eaps Cafè is a convivial place featuring interiors which have been meticulously designed to combine intimate and friendly areas with an exotic and dynamic ambience.
A timeless setting, perfect for a spot of lunch or a pleasant evening out, rich in travel and industrial style inspiration seamlessly blended with all the flavours of an intimate and informal hangout.
Selected wallpapers: News Planet, Exotic Damier, Pink Wind.
Project: Coralie Vasseur - Carnets Libellule

A breath of fresh air

Chez Gaby is a restaurant in Biarritz, where a fresh and informal ambience prevails.
The project, curated by VR DECORATION, Virginie Remond, includes the use of the Contemporary Wallpaper, Essential Wallpaper and WET System collections.
In the main hall, the material foliage of Cart-on harmoniously co-exists with informal seating and the natural tones of other surfaces. Yumi, from the Essential Collection, emerges thanks to its materiality, also in contrast with the back wall. Lastly, Wet System is used in the restrooms, where the subjects Lucie and Keith Bau exude a typically pop vivacity.


Wall&decò installs Nebula at Alchemysts exhibition at Cambi Casa d'Aste Milan

ALCHEMISTYS is a chapter dedicated to the creative process which transforms matter into "Design", often metaphysical and atemporal in nature.
On the run-up to the auction scheduled for 20th June, the project curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri will be presented at the exhibition halls of Cambi in Milan on 18th June, with a dedicated installation: "The Golden Temple of Alchemy", designed by the CTRLZAK studio, also the author of the wallpaper NEBULAE.


Senato Blow(n) Up

Wall&decò proposes OUT System in one of the most surprising installations of @MilanoPhotoWeek, on display at the internal courtyard of Senato Hotel Milano. A reflection on the relationship between perceived size and distance in current research photography. Curated by Carlo Madesani. An installation, an oversize print at the black courtyard of Senato Hotel Milano... an image. Photography: Piero Percoco. Taken from the series The Rainbow is Underestimated (2017).

Cocotte, Milan

Cocotte in Milan is a cosy coffee shop renowned for its delicious single-portions served in characteristic French mini cocottes, or casserole dishes.
Whitened woods exude an aroma of traditional flavour, matched with enveloping and reassuring wallpaper. Slowness re-embraces its very own rhythm.
Project: Maja Group
Wallpaper: Cascade

Raw - A hint of France in Milan

Raw at no. 10 Corso Magenta has renewed its interiors on occasion of Fuorisalone. True to its nature, mirabilia and fascinating objects are on display in a setting which exudes taste and style.
Wallpapers dialogue with furnishings, seamlessly flowing from the bistrot, restroom, lounge and cabinet of curiosities.
Wallpapers: Buffet Chinois, Graffiante, Burlap, Stucco, Trap Stratch.