Go iconic

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The “Go Iconic” graphics belong to a rich selection of images that have become true iconic symbols of the brand. They represent creativity and originality as distinctive traits and testify to the very essence of Wall&decò: to be a benchmark for interior design through a style that anticipates trends.


'Volare', designed by Lorenzo De Grandis, depicts a maple branch winding from above in a sinuous dance, while some birds in flight trace paths of freedom in the air.
The graphic is presented as a world suspended between earth and sky.


Maria Gomez Garcia's 'Delove' wallpaper depicts two large faces, one male and one female: placed with their backs to each other; they are in total fusion with the background of leaves and flowers in a mysterious yet enveloping atmosphere.
The artist captures the essence of beauty and human intimacy.

Instant panorama / reloaded

The 'Instant Panorama / Reloaded' wallpaper, designed by Studiopepe, captures a landscape of hills, trees and shrubs with a typically French flavour.
The panoramique effect expands spatial perception, enriched with contemporary elements, making it an almost surrealist graphic.

Du jour

'Du Jour', wallpaper by Lorenzo De Grandis, exploits the trompe-l'oeil effect applied to glass-cement.
A partition wall allows the foliage below to create the illusion of a deep, three-dimensional perspective into the surroundings.

Kansas City

Kansas City’ presents an interweaving of geometric figures and intersecting lines, creating a unique yet fragmented rhythm.
A graphic design that explores the balance between solids and voids, using a black and white colour palette that emphasises its minimalist and contemporary look.


Elisir’, designed by Lorenzo De Grandis, is a work that uses the trompe-l'oeil effect applied to a curtain - a design choice that adds three-dimensionality, movement and depth to the environment in which it is placed.


Through applied arts, Giovanni Pesce originates the 'Ancetre' wallpaper.
On a rough concrete background, colourful beads are meticulously arranged and matched until they compose the outline of the iconic gorilla.


Pavot’, is Eva Germani's painting of giant poppies.
An outsized representation whose immersive effect is further enhanced by the accentuated brushstrokes, which enrich the work with a material component.


The 'Libellula' wallpaper, designed by Lorenzo De Grandis, takes us to a dreamlike dimension through typical nocturnal colours, jacquard textures, and natural elements that combine almost to compose a tapestry.

Midsummer night

'Midsummer Night', by Lorenzo De Grandis, is a clear reference to the elegance of Asian iconography and the atmosphere of the Far East.
The graphics capture the essence of an ethereal forest made of plants, water, lights and reflections.

In Vetta

In Vetta’, by Paolo Badesco and Costantino Affuso, depicts a mountain chain.
The hand-drawn graphics are reminiscent of a vintage map or postcard, evoking a retro charm in shades of black and white.


'Soul,' designed by Eva Germani, gives the interior a poetic dimension by proposing a cascade of peonies and tulips.
This floral painting stretches over a degrade background whose surface is reminiscent of a wall marked by time.


Coralfull’ is the artwork designed by the creative duo CTRLZAK, in which the natural element is declined as a pattern: algae and corals merge together creating a connection with the seabed.


'Niveum', painted by Eva Germani, depicts a large flower, a water lily, wrapped in large leaves.
The artist captures the essence of a large watercolour canvas, giving a feeling of lightness and transparency, typical of the painting technique.