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Christophe Delcourt

Christophe Delcourt


It is at the end of the 1990's that Christophe Delcourt appears for the first time on the French scene of furniture. As far as those first objects are concerned, not only is he their designer, but also their manufacturer and editor.
Tables, chairs, and lamps then quickly draw the contours of a universe both very just and honest. The wood and the steel forge pieces of which the apparent formal simplicity always masks a perfect mastering of the craftsmanship. It is in this perfect balance between the purity of a drawing, the beauty of a material and the extreme care of a making that the Christophe Delcourt style will find its full expression. Designer-editor, his journey now seems to follow a straight path.
But very quickly, the desire to confront himself to other craftsmanships and other technicalities is born. And Christophe Delcourt slowly starts collaborating with small and large, French or foreign, editors: Roche Bobois, Tectona, Baxter, HC 28, Van Rossum, or more recently, Collection Particulière, CC-Tapis, and Minotti.

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