The backstage video of the CWC 2020

March 2020

Interview with Luca Mariani, Filmmaker, and Francesca Antolini, Set Designer


What is the philosophy that guided you in the development of the video?
"Surprise and discovery": this was the leitmotif that guided us.  We felt the need to create a container, a logo where the three moods of the new Contemporary Wallpaper collection collection could live and coexist. Hence the idea of a house, capable of hosting the three of them.

What atmosphere did you want to evoke?
The desire to create a playful world where you could get lost, but with the certainty, in the end, to find yourself, made us set the video in a surreal dimension. Alice in Wonderland, Boccaccio 70 by Fellini, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Gondry; these were some of our references.
for this collection we decided  to give visibility to the human figure and "immerse" our Alice  in the discovery of the fantastic world of Wall&decò "cards".

Why this musical choice?
The Alice in the video is discovering her world, from room to room, where each one contains a different experience. "Ingenue" is the title of the song  and it is the perfect word to approach the world with candor and simplicity, like Alice in the video. The lyrics  manages to evoke an ironic and delicate imagery that we wanted to raise in the viewer.