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WET System is the Wall&decò patented waterproof wallpaper for bathroom, humid environments and wet areas.

WET System - 10 years of reliability.

10 years after entering the market, WET System, with over 23,000 showers wallpapered in more than 80 countries, is more than just a product: it's a revolution in the wallpaper world.

Waterproof wallpaper designed exclusively for humid environments and areas directly exposed to water, such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, swimming pools areas and spas, WET System blends functionality with aesthetics, considering both residential and contract projects, offering a unique and highly customizable decorative value.
WET System guarantees complete waterproofness, excellent resistance to cracking, impacts, and scratches, as well as high washability performance, resistance to detergents, and compliance with current EU and US fire resistance regulations.
WET System is a full-fledged wall covering system. Comprising various components including primer, specialized adhesive, fiberglass fabric, and protective finishes – it achieves a total thickness of just 1.5 mm. This slim profile facilitates swift renovations and allows installation directly over existing surfaces, such as bathroom and kitchen tiles, even reducing building site residues.

Structure and Components

Outstanding features of WET System

  • Guaranteed waterproofing: ensures complete water resistance
  • Durability: Offers remarkable resistance to cracking, impacts, and scratches
  • Compliance: Adheres to EU and US fire resistance standards
  • Washability: resists household detergents and ensures easy cleaning
  • Water-based, solvent-free inks printing technology
  • Customizable in size, color, and graphic development

Surfaces of application

  • Tiled surfaces (use of polystyrene panels)
  • Tiled surfaces (use of skimming primer)
  • Plasterboard surfaces
  • Civil plaster surfaces
  • PVC surfaces
  • Glass surfaces

Destination of use

Bathrooms & Kitchens

In the last 10 years, WET System has reshaped special environments - such as kitchens and bathrooms - decoration, liberating them from the limitations that once excluded wallpapers.

Spa & Gym

From Wellness centers and gyms to poolside retreats, the transformative impact of the WET System is felt throughout and benefits from an unprecedented aesthetic enhancement diving into the diverse WET System collections.

Medical and dental practices

In the world of medical and dental practices, where environments undergo rigorous and frequent sanitization with potent detergents, WET System ensures cleanliness offering an original aesthetic approach, and high resistance to impacts and scratches.

Installation tutorial