September 2023
Milan, Italy

Step into a Milanese residential project where every nook and cranny of the house comes alive with wallpaper that not only adds a touch of creativity but also shapes the very essence of the space. It's a double-edged sword: on one side, furniture becomes an enigma, blending seamlessly into the concealed magic; on the other, the entire flat becomes a canvas for an intricate dance of angles that captivates the eye.

As you enter in the living room, your attention is immediately drawn to 'Bucefalo.' This graphic, with its stark white backdrop and the commanding presence of a black animal form, not only accompanies but also defines the boundary between the living area and the kitchen. It's a visual that sets the tone for the entire space.
But the living room doesn't stop there; it continues to weave its charm with 'Intrecci.' These walls are adorned with a labyrinth of hemp ropes that seem to leap out in a powerful 3D effect. It's a canvas that invites you to play, to mix and match pictures and patterns, giving the room a vibrant and dynamic personality.

Now, let's wander into the main bedroom. Here, 'Midsummer Night' takes center stage, but in a most unconventional way. It graces the wall behind the bed, creating an original boiserie that infuses the room with a touch of elegance.
As you step out of the main bedroom, you catch a glimpse of the bathroom, adorned with 'Save the Past.' This wallpaper tells a story with its Greek quotes and medallions that grace the walls and shower. It's a narrative that adds a touch of history and elegance to your daily routine.

Finally, in the guest bedroom, you'll find 'La Gabbia,' a true collaboration between Wall&decò, SuonareStella, and the creative minds of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. This wallpaper doesn't just hang on the walls; it creates a lush backdrop of tropical plants and jungle animals. It's a room that transports you to a world of exotic wonder.

In this Milanese abode, wallpaper isn't just decoration; it's the thread that weaves architecture, and imagination, creating a home that is as engaging as it is enchanting.

Project: Officina Interior
Ph: Alessandra Ianniello