Christian Benini

Photographer, founder and art director of Wall&Decò

Christian Benini began his career as a portrait photographer and then went on to specialise in fashion and publicity photography. He has worked in close conjunction with advertising agencies and fashion houses in Italy, the UK and the USA. Over the years he has honed a precise interest in photography of interiors. In 2005 his intuition inspired him to create Wall&decò: upon reproducing an image for use as a backdrop on a photography set, he perceived its remarkable decorative value, versatility and potential for use in the furnishing world. This marked the start of a contemporary wallpaper collection for interiors which was then extended to embrace outdoor areas and damp indoor environments, redefining the stylistic elements of wall decorations by proposing blow-ups and macro-images as alternatives to patterns and geometries.
This research path was broadened even further in 2017 with the Essential Wallpaper Collection, dedicated to interpreting the sheer decorative value of textures. An alternative world compared to large narrative designs, featuring 3D patterns, inlays, carvings and metal light details which create veritable bas-relieves. The genesis of surfaces just waiting to be explored by hand and not just with the eyes.


Design collective

4P1B is a design studio that works in the world of design with the belief that everything is a project, for this reason works range from the world of furniture to lighting, to installations and o retail. At the heart of 4P1B's work is the design method and the constant search formal, functional, commercial and innovative solutions.

Alhambretto + Am Prod


Alhambretto is a design studio that operates on the field of product, interior and graphic design following the right balance between functionality and poetry. Projects by Alhambretto take a critical look to the past and recover traditional know-how techniques from a contemporary viewpoint.
Alessandro AM PROD, illustrator and graphic designer living in Bologna, has been selected under the young illustrators category for the Iceberg 2009 awards and, for the last two years, is listed in the Italian Illustrators Annual promoted by the Autori di Immagini association.

Marika Baldoni

Visual stylist

Marika Baldoni left Italy for the USA when she was 23. Here she began a training path which resulted in her setting up in business as a visual stylist and freelance window dresser.
Back in Italy, she strengthened her close cooperation with Julian Fashion, a well-known boutique in Milano Marittima.
Thanks to her creative versatility and multifaceted nature, Marika dedicates her time to projects, window-dressing, spectacular window set-ups and installations of strong visual impact.

Xavier Barcelona


Xavier was born in Copenaghen 220 years ago, he is fairly exaggerated. He lives with his portable computer which he keeps in a red case, he travels the world, sees things and translates them into images which take on life one way or another.

Enrico Beccari

Enrico Beccari

He was born in 1970 during the solo of one of the Deep Purple's most famous tunes "Smoke on the water".
He has the typical traits of Leo - eclectic, lazy, he is talented but he is not always driven to do something.
After attending the IED in Milan, we worked as an illustrator for some advertising agencies and won the Agorà prize in 2003.
He is still alive, he hates no one, he laughs profusely and still has all his hair.

Wladimiro Bendandi

Visual Designer

Design, for Wladimiro Bendandi, is the solution to remain connected with the playful aspect of the experimentation. Thanks to the passion for creativity he starts to collaborate as free lance illustrator in several agencies, immediately after the graduation in visual and design communication.
During these years he is in charge of the various steps of the graphic design, multimedia publishing, environmental design and brand identity, with a particular attention to the contaminations coming from his parallel experience as installation artist.
Today Wladimiro Bendandi is a freelance designer and keeps on projecting with the belief that a valid project is a common right and that the design must interact in our "everyday" life in a continuous research and brainstorm.

Bertero Panto Marzoli

Visual designer

The sum total of three personalities creating a common language; an amalgamation of their own thoughts, bringing together the great design traditions with technology and sophistication while keeping an eye to the future. The inquisitiveness shown by Bertero, Panto and Marzoli in their approach to brands and international projects over the last fifteen years has brought about ideas with strong semantic characteristics and are the result of their individual sensitivities.

Serena Confalonieri


After a Master Degree in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano, Serena worked in many architecture and design practices, moving from Milano to Barcelona and Berlin. Now she runs her own studio in Milano, working on interior, graphic and textile design projects and collaborates with important companies in Italy and abroad.


Artists / Designer

CTRL ZAK is a hybrid studio that integrates different disciplines and cultures. The founders, Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos, are both artists and designers in their own right. The Italian-Greek duo's creations are inspired by their travels and experiences around the world and by their own rich cultural backgrounds. The studio creates artworks, objects and spaces but– above all– situations where people can come together in order to make what really matters: human relations. CTRLZAK's projects and extensive research into tradition and cultural context create a new hybrid future by learning from the past. Each project is a story waiting to be told, with a multitude of forms and endings. Each one experiments with diverse methods of narration where irony and symbolism go beyond aesthetics and functionality, in order to activate mechanisms of reflection.

Lorenzo De Grandis

Creative designer

Responsible of visual communication for important interior design companies.
Lorenzo De Grandis's works inspires ideas and stories. Emotion driving to create atmosphere with shapes and functions, effective solutions and projects. Textiles, graphic design, interiors and further sensation.
A multidisciplinary study with an ambition: to capture the rhythm and the aesthetics of time. To see what inspires, what elevates, what activates.


Architects / Designer

Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, architect and designer, meet on the road between Milan and the Italian Veneto region and begin a collaboration that draws inspiration from the trip, to produce marks and drawings that respond to the needs of the contemporary home interiors. They collaborate with prestigious furnishing, lighting and decor companies, looking after art direction, concept and product development. A research in micro and macro scale that reviews and merges different spheres: architecture, design, graphics and art, to create innovative environments and objects, but able to tell stories and stir emotions.

Christophe Delcourt


It is at the end of the 1990's that Christophe Delcourt appears for the first time on the French scene of furniture. As far as those first objects are concerned, not only is he their designer, but also their manufacturer and editor.

Tables, chairs, and lamps then quickly draw the contours of a universe both very just and honest. The wood and the steel forge pieces of which the apparent formal simplicity always masks a perfect mastering of the craftsmanship. It is in this perfect balance between the purity of a drawing, the beauty of a material and the extreme care of a making that the Christophe Delcourt style will find its full expression. Designer-editor, his journey now seems to follow a straight path.

But very quickly, the desire to confront himself to other craftsmanships and other technicalities is born. And Christophe Delcourt slowly starts collaborating with small and large, French or foreign, editors: Roche Bobois, Tectona, Baxter, HC 28, Van Rossum, or more recently, Collection Particulière, CC-Tapis, and Minotti.

Simone Fanciullacci


Simone Fanciullacci was born and raised in Liguria and after graduating in 2007 from the Polytechnic University of Milan, he founds the 4P1B Studio obtaining numerous publications and awards, including the IF Design Award, the Good Design Award and an honourable mention at the 23rd edition of the Compasso d'Oro. In 2017, having completed the studio's experience, he begins to sign the projects he develops under his own name. Among his main clients are Nilufar Gallery, Secondome, De Vecchi Milano 1935, Wall&decò, Martinelli Luce, Lago, Chairs&More.
Simone Fanciullacci is also the owner and art director of Edizione Limitata brand with which he develops and markets projects produced in small series, rediscovering materials, techniques and craftsmen in Italy.

André Fu


Born in Hong Kong and educated in England from the age of 14, André Fu holds a Bachelor of Arts at Cambridge University, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Cambridge.
According to the designer, "living and travelling between both countries over the past thirty years is why my own tastemaker sensibility reinterprets traditional notions of national identities or 'East-meets-West aesthetics' in a new hybrid. For me, it is about combining a seamless alignment of cultural and design sensibilities, modern luxury, and craftsmanship to shape the world around us."
Fu became known overnight when he first redefined notions of hospitality with his design of Upper House hotel in Hong Kong, and has since gone on to create forward-thinking interiors for other leading brands.
"Each new commission starts with understanding my client, the brand, and their specific vision. My signature touches may be there but it is very important to me that the design is about telling a story about the brand."
Designs usually begin with Fu's hand-drawn conceptual sketches, shaping a sensuous fusion of form and materiality, before proceeding to a detailed design stage. The same personal attention to detail throughout the design process has also featured in his custom-design furniture, lighting, and products.

Eva Germani


A long training period in the field of architectural conservation allowed her to gain direct contact with the artworks of famous artists, paintings and frescos of great artist and architectural impact and value.
Her knowledge of materials and execution techniques, which recall traditional settings, are conveyed through a determined style, without academic formalisms, at times graceful, but always characterized by a ruvid material trait. Projected towards scenographic decoration, her works are carried out with architects and designers and consist in the creation of residential and commercial spaces with strong retrò atmospheres and slight bohemian tastes.

María Gómez García


As owner and director of Estudio PAM – a creative studio – has been developing artwork for different usages and materials such as chairs, wallpapers, doors, tables, textiles, among others, for clients based in Spain, Italy, Brazil and US. Previously, has worked for companies and brands such as Le Lis Blanc (Brazilian fashion and housewear brand) or ZARA (Spain). With more than 10 years of experience, has collaborated as visual coolhunter and shopping in cities in different continents (London, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Hong Kong). All of her drawings and illustrations are handmade created and reflects her professional experience, cosmopolitanism and passion for artwork.

Sylva Gortana

Interior designer

Sylva Gortana trained at the European Design Institute in Milan and at Canberra University in Australia.
After brilliantly ending her university career she began working with architectural firms, designing exhibitions, stands and events.
After obtaining a master in Hotel Design at the Domus Academy of Milan, she began specialising in the design of luxury hotels, wellness centres and SPAs.
The constant search for the right aesthetic synthesis between space and matter represents the balance at the bottom of her projects in which design interacts with history, the evolution of taste and fashions, while playing with shapes and functions.

Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout)


Alessandro Gottardo, also known by the name of Shout, he lives and works in Milan. Highlights of his career include cooperating with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Penguin Books, Volkswagen, Barclays, ENI, Nokia, United Airlines. He has received numerous international accolades: between 2006 and 2007, his publishing company 27_9 produced the books "Jetlag" and "Jetlag 2", in 2010 "Mono Shout", a monographic work on the first 10 years of business activity and in 2011 "DAZED". By means of an operation of subtraction and image synthesis, Shout makes his illustrations small conceptual works, in which, rather than showing, he builds up immediately perceptible messages.

Tommaso Guerra

Interior Designer and Art Director

After 12 years as advertising agent in numerous agencies, Tommaso fully focused on his natural activity: express himself through graphic arts.
His work field takes him around the world and changes constantly:
from the road, with exhibitions and urban furniture site specific for interiors, where he ranges from wall decorations to complete interior design projects.
His path constantly evolves, and consists of an open dialogue with places and objects.

Antonella Guidi


Antonella attends the Mosaic State Art Institute in Ravenna. Since 1983, she has been taking part in both solo and collective art shows and, in 1987, using recycled no-cost materials, she began making fashion accessories, setting up a small company.
The recycling philosophy pervades her entire artistic production which continues alongside her fashion industry activities and which has resulted in the creation of numerous works.
She has also collaborated with textile and ceramic manufacturers as free-lance decorative designer and with publishing companies as illustrator of fantasy books.



Upon obtaining her degree in Literature, Gunilla Zamboni (Gupica) continued to study in Florence focusing on the art of fresco and mural painting, completing her studies with a master degree in Peintre en Décor in Versailles, France. She later specialized in interior design at IED in Milan. Gunilla worked with Italian and French masters, honing the secrets and techniques of decorative painting in France and the study of design in Italy. In 2010 she founded Gupica, a creative studio that develops projects through multi-disciplinary methods such as: decorative arts, interior design, product design, traditional handcrafts and modern techniques. She evolves projects for private clients and companies with her creative vision. Her attention to detail and the combination of contemporary and traditional codes characterize her projects. BIO

Marco Lorenzetto


Born and raised in Faenza, after his earliest years of education he moved to Rome.
Upon graduating in Sociology at the "La Sapienza" University, he developed a passion for art and aesthetics which he nourished as a self-taught abstract painter, delving into different fields of Italian and European art and culture.
His stay in the capital was followed by a period of travelling and living in different cities: Salamanca, New York, Paris and lastly Berlin in 2009.
These international experiences led him to discover and profoundly experience artistic movements which further inspired his curiosity and research into beauty through experimentation with new techniques and the use of different materials, including ceramics.
In 2017 he created a range of porcelain plates sold at Bergdorf Goodman, New York.
Lorenzetto's paintings have been published in magazines like Elle Decor, Vogue, The New York Times / Style Magazine, Architectural Digest, Modern Luxury Angeleno.
He has been living in Los Angeles since 2011 and works at his studio in the heart of

Antonio Marras

Fashion Designer

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero, on Sardinia. The island has always deeply influenced his aesthetic. His fashion debut was the result of a lucky chance. In 1987 a fashion house in Rome asked him to design a prêt-à-porter collection. Their invitation was due to his dual baggage of skills: cultural – Marras has always involved himself in every form of artistic/creative expression – and technical based on his know-how of materials and forms. He debuts with his prêt-à-porter in March 1999 in Milan and in 2003 LVMH, the French luxury goods group, invites him to be the artistic director of the Kenzo fashion house till 2011. With his headquarters in Milan, Marras made a fundamental choice, both sentimental and artistic: he will never give up living where he was born, to Alghero always returning in pursuit of creativity, inspiration and material for his expressive universe.

Andrea Merendi


He is a shop window dresser, stylist, florist, with an artistic flair, a lot of creativity and a strong poetic streak.
He has years of experience in shop window dressing and retail premise decoration for several companies.
His true passion is flowers.
He is an all-round professional who has expanded and revisited his floral knowledge to create bespoke paper flowers for the Rinascente department store in Milan.
Since then his flowers have been shown in magazines and displayed in showrooms, event settings and wallpapers.

Draga Obradovic + Aurel K. Basedow

Artists, designers

She is of Serbian origin while he is from Germany – they find in Italy the right soil for their artistic expression.
Draga refined her painting technique directly on canvas during the years that allowed her creating a collection characterised by a unique design where colour, pattern and matter meet in a harmonic union.
Aurel K. chooses to exalt the potentials of resin, resorting to a strong pictorial expression.
The mutual understanding, in addition to a personal level, became also professional in 2007: living and developing together the common passion for modern art, the artistic affinity grew with them, leading the couple to undertake a common research, study and sharing path that led them to cooperate with the most prestigious international brands, like Baxter and Anthropologie.

Silvia Stella Osella

Textile & Surface Designer

Silvia has been working in visual communication since 2005. After an illustration and visual communication BA at IED, she focuses on textile design with an MA and post-graduate courses at the Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. After working for some of Europe's leading textile companies she has opened her surface design and consultancy studio in Milan. She collaborates with international brands such as the Inditex group - Zara, Zara Kids, Adidas, Mango, Topshop, and she is a visiting Professor in Surface and Pattern Design at IED Turin.

Gio Pagani

Architect, interior designer

A graduate in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic, his career began in 1995.
Giovanni Pagani's goal is to capture emotions and transfer them into his objects and interior designs.
The guiding theme common to all his works, from shops to hotels, restaurants and private homes, is the emotion aroused by using them: a microcosm of sensations which Wall&decò has grasped and further promoted.

Federico Pepe


Federico Pepe was born in 1976. He lives and works in Milan. He is a unique figure in the cultural and artistic Italian landscape, where he moves with agility and extreme aesthetic coherence between various artistic forms. Advertising, Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Maker. Executive creative director of the DLVBBDO Multinational Communication Agency. In 2006 he founded in Le Dictatuer, an editorial project and an independent exhibition space based in Milan, for which he has been the editor of editorial and artistic plan for over 10 years. He exhibited his works and projects at MOMA Library and Family Business in New York, at TATE MODERN in London, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the Trienniale of Milan and in many others private galleries. Over the years he collaborated with famous artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Nico Vascellari, Jacopo Benassi and designers such as Patricia Urquiola with whom he has signed two collections (CREDENZA 2016, MISCREDENZA 2017).

Giovanni Pesce


Giovanni began his career in 1986 when he was asked to join the staff of the technical department of a major credit company for the design of a large number of branches. In 1994 he founded the Signum, a working group in collaboration with other professionals, with whom he developed exhibition spaces. Since 1997 he started a studio / laboratory of ideas in which he is engaged, initially as an interior designer, then more and more directed towards product design: clear and direct works with discrete shapes and materials and with a beauty intimately linked to their functionality.

Ines Porrino


Ines has been in business since 1975, initially in collaboration with studios such as Arcoop, Arkite Associated Architects and Studio Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. In 1997 she turn into a free lance consultant in the field of interior design, exhibition spaces, design events and furniture stores.
Ines Porrino develops the concept up to the product prototype and the catalogue for a floor collections in PVC for Limonta. Since 2010 he has begun a production of artisanal lamps FILROUGE. She has worked with several interior design magazines such as Interni, SpazioCasa, Lake Como Lifestyle.

Bertero Projects


Fabrizio Bertero graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1993 and is the owner of Studio Bertero Projects, based in Milan. Together with Simona Marzoli, he works as a designer in the urban planning, construction, interior design, product design and graphics sectors and mostly focuses on retail, service, residential interiors as well as museum and exhibitions set-ups.
He collaborates and has previously collaborated with a number of companies, national and international bodies including: TDK, Martini, Frankie Morello, FIAT, ILLY, the Milan Triennale, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, Zanotta, Fiera di Milano, Wall & Decò and 100x100 Group.
Since 1997 he is contract professor at the IED (European Institute of Design), Milan, for Architectonic Design Courses.


Architects, interior designers

A project of the interior designer Paolo Badesco, who since 2005 presents to the public in Milan, through its first store in Corso Magenta 96, a repertoire of suggestions with a northern European flavor: vintage furniture and accessories deliberately not restored, combined with a selection of contemporary works resulting from a selection between Europe and the United States. In 2011, with the architect Constantino Affuso, formerly senior architect at the Paolo Badesco interior design studio, the project expanded by acquiring a new location in Via Palermo 1, in the heart of Brera Design District. The new proposals and daring installations have earned Raw to the attention of the international press and of an increasingly sensitive public to new trends.



The studio ruga.perissinotto was founded in 2010, when Alessandro Ruga and Carlotta Perissinotto met after a joint experience in London in the design industry, and decided to start signing their projects together. They went through training and work experience over the years thus developing a special sensitivity to the different aspects of the design world - from product and system design, to exhibition and retail design, to corporate communication. Their multidisciplinary background has also made it possible to meet their customers' artistic direction and consultancy needs.


Interior design and creative consultancy

Studiopepe is a design agency founded in Milan, in 2006, by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto.
Studiopepe's focus is on design and research through the use of a multidisciplinary approach: this includes interior design (retail, hotels, private commissions), product design and creative consulting.
The language they use for their designs is stratified and eclectic, uniting poetic vision and rigorous design.
Art, installations, study of formal archetypes, experiments with materials and the dialogue between opposites are some of the themes developed by the Studio.
Studiopepe's projects are recognizable by their strong iconographic identity, based upon experimenting, continuous research on colours and materials and the contamination between the various contemporary languages with the intent to provide a solution that is uniquely special and respectful of each client's individuality.

Talva Design

Artist, designer

Tal Waldman (Talva Design) is an artist, designer and architect based in Paris.
She completed her art and architecture studies working for international firms, from Jean Nouvel to Christian de Portzamparc and Jean Paul Viguier.
The Talva Design studio in Paris is a synthesis between design and art capable of providing interior design solutions and home and furnishing accessories.

The Elusive Otter

Artists, designers

The refined illustrations of Raffaella Audiffredi, author of the project, zoom in details on the animal world, creating canvases on which a literary dimension signed by writer Matteo Sartori is triggered.
The collaboration with Wall&Decò enriches the journey of the ''elusive otter'' with charm and combines the artistic experience of The Elusive Otter to a new application field.

Raffaella Audiffredi
Architect, graduated at the Polytechnic University of Milan, opened her studio in Milan in 2010, after working in Italy and abroad. She conceived The Elusive Otter project in 2013.

Matteo Sartori
Graduated in political sciences at the State University of Milan, he worked in the cinema and advertising field from 2002 to 2012. He is the author of three novels.

Gio Tirotto


Gio Tirotto founded his own studio in 2010. He develops projects for interiors, products and installations, focusing his artistic direction on research which is followed up by the most clean-cut synthesis between form and function.
"I design to be a bridge which connects thought with message, an indispensable aim of my artistic language".
Everything he designs is inspired by an attention of what is around him, living or inanimate. If there is a limit between art and design, he tries to erase it and re-design all the existing complicity among human beings and objects. This is why he believes that rituals, memory and imagination are often the essential function of things.
Clients - to name but a few: Alcantara, Viabizzuno, Seletti, Secondome Gallery, D'arrigo External Design, Petracer's, Wall&decò, Lago, Bormioli Rocco, Greggio, Mingardo, Exnovo.

Elisa Vendramin


Elisa Vendramin is an Italian illustrator who specialises in graphical projects for the cultural sector by creating digitally produced graphic patterns. After graduating in Industrial Design from the IUAC in Venice, she moved to London to take a Master in Communication Design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where she started to work for several cultural institutions and also showcased her creations in collective art exhibitions in London, Paris, Reykjavik and Vienna. In 2011 Elisa moved to Reykjavik to focus on personal research projects and to join several artist residencies, including the SÍM International Residency and NES Artist Residency In 2013 Elisa returned to Italy, where she currently works as an illustrator with international agencies such as Brandever (Vancouver, BC), Atacama Invest (Santiago de Chile), and exhibits in the Vienna-based artstore Atelier Olschinsky and in the Stockhom-based NAU Gallery.

Francesca Zoboli

Visual designer

After graduating in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 1990, Francesca founds l'O di Giotto – ann Interior Decoration Studio operating both in Italy and abroad. Alongside interior decorating, she also conducts pictorial research, especially as regards the assembly of materials. Out of the combination of painting and decorating comes the style of her works, distinguished by an original language inspired by fabrics, upholsteries, old printing methods, ethnic and traditional motifs, graphic patterns, plastering, natural textures such as woods, leaves, powders, earths. Careful and sensitive to the most recent fashion, design, art and modern architecture trends, Francesca Zoboli aims at organically articulating and integrating decorative projects in environments and spaces. Among her customers Fratelli Rossetti and Hotel De Russie; in 2006 she has partially designed and decorated the new concept store in Paris for Kenzo (Art Director Antonio Marras).