Colour is the first and most powerful element for generating emotions, directly unleashed by our visual perception. The matching of colour ranges becomes a way of constructing atmospheres, sensations, imaginations. This is what our palettes and colours aim to achieve.
From photographs to wall paintings, from tromp-l'oeils to macro-designs on material backgrounds. All these artistic designs are cleverly turned into a vertical wall pattern, with truly original visual effects. DISCOVER COLLECTION
Essential Wallpaper is a stylistic and technical path by Wall&decò for the creation of wallpapers, where macro decorations give way to patterns and engravings, in a discovery of the allure of detail. DISCOVER COLLECTIONS
WET SYSTEM It is the patent pending technical wallpaper for bathrooms, showers and damp spaces that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wallpaper. WET SYSTEM wallpaper is suitable for application on surfaces made out of cement, plasterboard, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles and it is resistant against yellowing, aggression of household cleaning detergents and abrasion. DISCOVER COLLECTIONS
OUT SYSTEM It is a wallpaper for external walls and facades that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as major structural features which are able to strengthen the wall surface it is applied to: it does not crack, tear or cause abrasions. The outdoor wallpaper OUT SYSTEM has undergone lab testing and is guaranteed for 10 years from installation. DISCOVER COLLECTIONS



Wall&decò installs OUT System at Senato Hotel Milano for a special project during Milano Photo Week.
Exhibition from May 31st to June 11th, opening hours 10 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Wall&decò wins the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Award once again

Part of the OUT System collection, The Not a stroke wallpaper designed by Bertero Projects wins in the Best Pipe Dream category.

Wall&decò wins the German Design Awards 2019

Winner for Wet System in the category "Building and Elements".
Special Mention for Essential Wallpaper in the category "Building and Elements"

KAZE wallpaper winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018



via Solera Mantegazza 7
t. +39 02 87186247




Eaps Cafè is a convivial place featuring interiors which have been meticulously designed to combine intimate and friendly areas with an exotic and dynamic ambience.
A timeless setting, perfect for a spot of lunch or a pleasant evening out, rich in travel and industrial style inspiration seamlessly blended with all the flavours of an intimate and informal hangout.
Selected wallpapers: News Planet, Exotic Damier, Pink Wind.
Project: Coralie Vasseur - Carnets Libellule

A breath of fresh air

Chez Gaby is a restaurant in Biarritz, where a fresh and informal ambience prevails.
The project, curated by VR DECORATION, Virginie Remond, includes the use of the Contemporary Wallpaper, Essential Wallpaper and WET System collections.
In the main hall, the material foliage of Cart-on harmoniously co-exists with informal seating and the natural tones of other surfaces. Yumi, from the Essential Collection, emerges thanks to its materiality, also in contrast with the back wall. Lastly, Wet System is used in the restrooms, where the subjects Lucie and Keith Bau exude a typically pop vivacity.


Wall&decò installs Nebula at Alchemysts exhibition at Cambi Casa d'Aste Milan

ALCHEMISTYS is a chapter dedicated to the creative process which transforms matter into "Design", often metaphysical and atemporal in nature.
On the run-up to the auction scheduled for 20th June, the project curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri will be presented at the exhibition halls of Cambi in Milan on 18th June, with a dedicated installation: "The Golden Temple of Alchemy", designed by the CTRLZAK studio, also the author of the wallpaper NEBULAE.


Senato Blow(n) Up

Wall&decò proposes OUT System in one of the most surprising installations of @MilanoPhotoWeek, on display at the internal courtyard of Senato Hotel Milano. A reflection on the relationship between perceived size and distance in current research photography. Curated by Carlo Madesani. An installation, an oversize print at the black courtyard of Senato Hotel Milano... an image. Photography: Piero Percoco. Taken from the series The Rainbow is Underestimated (2017).

Cocotte, Milan

Cocotte in Milan is a cosy coffee shop renowned for its delicious single-portions served in characteristic French mini cocottes, or casserole dishes.
Whitened woods exude an aroma of traditional flavour, matched with enveloping and reassuring wallpaper. Slowness re-embraces its very own rhythm.
Project: Maja Group
Wallpaper: Cascade

Raw - A hint of France in Milan

Raw at no. 10 Corso Magenta has renewed its interiors on occasion of Fuorisalone. True to its nature, mirabilia and fascinating objects are on display in a setting which exudes taste and style.
Wallpapers dialogue with furnishings, seamlessly flowing from the bistrot, restroom, lounge and cabinet of curiosities.
Wallpapers: Buffet Chinois, Graffiante, Burlap, Stucco, Trap Stratch.


Perspective is the guiding principle of this renovation project, generating elements of surprise and original cuts which unveil intriguing details. Windows exuding industrial flavour open out onto the living area. The effect of My Museum wallpaper runs along the entire staircase, facing a pink pop bubble wall.
Project: Agence Faure
Ph. Philippe Charlot

Plays of light

Close to Stuttgart, the creation of this single family home focuses on luminous interiors with large windows and spacious openings.
Thanks to the light tones, the wallpaper assumes a central role in the long corridor which opens out onto the staircase.
The walk-in-wardrobe exploits original wallpaper geometries.
In the bathrooms, minimalist details, involving the use of wood and steel, are organically integrated with the floral explosion of the WET system.
In the study area, plays of light reflect off patterns on wall coatings, generating a sparkling and exquisite appearance.
Project: De Gregorio Inneneinrichtungen.
Selected wallpapers: Flash Lines, Midsummer Night, Brilliant Disguise, Niveum

Surgery and implantology clinic - France

This interior is located inside an old industrial building which has been redesigned to offer a more luminous and welcoming perspective.
Ample corridors, the use of glass and wood volumes, blue tonalities and the addition of plant elements enables the perspective to open out onto comfortable and harmonious interiors.
Selected wallpapers: Pop Pop Pop, You and Your
Project: Laurence Faure
Ph. Philippe Charlot