Home&decò - story of an experience
Home&decò - story of an experience

Home&decò - story of an experience

May 2020

In the past few days I have had the opportunity to rediscover all these things, thanks to Wall&decò and its special initiative Home&decò: a series of one-to-one virtual meetings with the large community of designers, artists and creative people working with the company. It is an operation of "hot communication", in which technology has turned into a real, very pleasant moment of encounter.


Warm is the new Smart

Here I am, as the ideal representative of a wide audience of professionals, clients, interior design enthusiasts and wallpaper lovers, to meet from my home studio the couple (in work and life) of artists and designers CTRLZAK. 

On the other side of the screen, in the background of their kitchen, informal and friendly, Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos welcome me into their home and creative world.


"Gateways to a different world."

Our conversation soon moves from wallpaper as a design object to its enormous potential as a message vehicle. "For us, designing wallpaper means creating something that will fit into a certain space, giving it additional meaning," says Katia. 

"We think above all of hospitality, places where design is extremely linked to sensitivity, to moods. We would like our designs to be able to open windows, to reveal an elsewhere," adds Thanos. "We like to create portals to a different world".


The new future 

It is inevitable to talk about the near future: what kind of decorations, mental travels will we need in the coming years?

Katia: "I'd like to tell surreal glimpses of reality to suggest where we're going, especially with issues related to the environment. But I must admit that in this last period our reality has already become quite surreal on its own!" 

Thanos: "I think it will be our task to help change everyday life. Use the potential of the message that can be incorporated into the wallpaper to create a new awareness of current events. The human mind is always immersed in the Natural, it cannot exist outside". 


Cancelling distances  

The half-hour passes very quickly. The distance between people and minds is nullified, and there is no coldness in the chat that takes place from different places in the world. It is an experience that leaves me with great satisfaction and great pleasure. But the most important thing is to confirm the idea, to have imagined these meetings and to have made them possible. For this I can only thank, in the end, Wall&decò: one of those Italian realities that, thanks to vision and serenity of thought, has been able to transform the limitations of this period into potential for new forms of communication.