When wallpaper meets contemporary art

Wall&decò with CARTEdition is a research project resulting from the collaboration between Wall&decò and AtemporaryStudio, born with the intention of investigating the relationship between contemporary art and wallcovering through a collection of artists' projects on wallpapers of high cultural value.

Under the curatorship of Giovanna Felluga and with the involvement of artists Fabrice Hyber, Labinac (a collective founded by Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves and Kai-Morten Vollmer with the participation of artists/designers Jone Kvie, Elisa Strinna, Philip Modersohn), Liliana Moro, Riccardo Previdi, Francesco Simeti, Donatella Spaziani and Patrick Tuttofuoco, CARTEdition intends to offer new solutions for contemporary living.

A collection destined to be enriched year by year, "unlimited" but numbered. An initiative whose added value lies in the curatorial approach focused on the analysis and development of "habitable" works of art. Wallpaper, from a mere element of decoration, becomes an artistic tool used to extend the research path towards new frontiers of art production and fruition, enriching the living-space with visual and intellectual stimuli and new inspirations. It is no coincidence that the invited artists consider the work to be an integral part of the space that hosts it, transforming the artistic activity into a fragment of daily life.

Part of the Wall&decò Editions line - the capsule collection developed together with protagonists from the world of design, lifestyle, fashion and art - CARTEdition implements the company's offer by addressing the world of contemporary art with the first seven works whose value lies not only in the result but also in the process of achieving it. A path of exchange and research at the boundaries of disciplines traced thanks to the consultancy of Samantha Punis, who has always been committed to the development of projects and new ways of communicating both the product and the work of art.

The projects are not patterns but full-scale images that are offered in large format, 5.40 x 3.60 metres, for an immersive effect of great scenic impact.


Living to a fine art

Wall&decò with CARTEdition is a contemporary art project that was created to extend the scope of artistic research to a new medium, wallpaper.

The idea of involving international artists for an open confrontation with wallpaper, a medium usually dedicated to interior decoration, was born to satisfy two needs: to extend the possibilities of representation an art work within a space; to propose art as an integrated element of everyday life in order to experience it in a more intimate, domestic and profound way.

The project, characterised by a phenomenological approach, aims to relate the artistic gesture to the variable and unpredictable manifestation of reality. Space and time go out of the artist's control to allow their chosen sign to expand and harmonise in every context confirming its aesthetic and formal balance.

The work becomes a wall, it becomes "habitable", an integral part of the architecture. Reflection on the concept of the work of art/project and its domestic application has a long history, starting in Italy at the end of the 1930s and looking to Gio Ponti, theorist and promoter of an integrated vision of art and architecture, but even earlier to the example of Mario Sironi and his dining room in the Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano.

Turning our gaze to the needs of our contemporary world, another aspiration of the research conducted in CARTEdition lies in the desire to strive for a cultural and value-based regeneration of society. At a time when the home has long been the sole reference point for our days, the artists' experimentation opens up new solutions for contemporary living.

In confirming their own peculiarities, the authors involved have one thing in common, they place their work in constant relation with the surrounding environment, an open and evolving dialogue. Their relationship with wallcovering, on the other hand, is different: from the experience of Francesco Simeti and Donatella Spaziani in which wallpaper often becomes a constructive element of their work; to dedicated situations by Fabrice Hyber, Riccardo Previdi and Patrick Tuttofuoco; to an initial encounter, based on previous reflections, by Labinac and Liliana Moro.

The results are unique and the techniques for achieving them various, a proof of ability and vision for Wall&decò, which has been able to read the artists’ needs, pushing the company's know-how towards new potentialities in a creative and constructive exchange.

Giovanna Felluga

An intriguing plot

I like to define the perception of this succession compositions and re-compositions of glyph either as a formal art exhibition or as an intriguing literary plot, the subject of a narrative or dramatic work, albeit a visual one. This rich atlas is divided into chapters that are inseparable from each other, each chapter expressed through sudden complications of the story or by means of an intricate unravelling of the skein. The theory of jewellery arranged in pilasters (Patrick Tuttofuoco) is presented as a still life capable of reconstructing behavioural paths going backwards in time with the intention of signifying relational dynamics, of reconstructing lost gestures. Thus the imprints of emotional objects, even if they are emotionally disruptive, are hurled and silhouetted on a surface to illuminate salient moments of the event or events (Labinac) wrapped around a common thread, a borderline between prefiguration and action. Presences that are not stabilised but ideally susceptible to continuous change (Riccardo Previdi), energetic aggregations, involved in a thought form capable of disintegrating and recombining, like the monumentality that yearns to be hieratic, granite, like that of ancient symbols, placed at the mercy of events, in a new friction against which they are called upon to resist. Like the majestic Cyclopes disinherited and projected into an alien nature (Fabrice Hyber) for a painting that becomes a meeting ground between manual skill and concept, pushed towards a possible equilibrium. This newfound reconciliation is spied on by infinite eyes (Francesco Simeti) which, through subtle irony, express a direct link between man and nature that is both pagan and pastoral, with a study of primordiality and analysis of the passions and emotions conveyed by textures of various sizes and shapes; a range of styles supported by technical expertise and an idea of art that seeks in itself the reasons for its existence. These motives consist in the pleasure of a composition finally removed from the tyranny of novelty (Donatella Spaziani) and indeed entrusted to the ability to use different ways of arriving at the image. These visual works are placed within a chain of references, apparently referring to a presumed univocal objectivity. The interweaving of symbols in which truth gradually takes shape (Liliana Moro), open to an infinite path, calls into question not only epistemological but also ethical issues.

Marco Tagliafierro

Interiors in art

The dualism according to which a work of art exists for its own sake - because each one has its own singular and autonomous life - and the object exists for us - because of its shared recognisability and practical function - in the CARTEdition project, curated by Giovanna Felluga of AtemporaryStudio, this finds a complementary rather than oppositional purpose. It is art that inserts itself into everyday and domestic life by scattering seven different expressive manifestations on the walls, almost indefinitely. The reproducibility and seriality, typical of an industrial product, which can be found in this special edition of wallpapers by Wall&decò, does not affect the confrontation and intimate encounter between the artist's vision and the individual's vision of his own living space. Protected as it is by an unusual expedient for this type of furnishing: the invariability of the 5.40 x 3.60 metres size. Just like a finished work of art, it will remain forever as such when confronted with the variability of the space and context from which it will derive its uniqueness. Customisation is not given by 'made to measure'. It is expressed in the coincidence of the media (the wallpaper becomes the support of a large-format work) with the message (the image created on that support), enriching a decorative character in its own right, already present in the founding attitude of the brand, and aiming at an active fruition. The surface becomes alive and permeable to every glance. It welcomes worlds, memories, wonder and awareness, restoring the same unexpected enchantment hidden in every work of art. The project succeeds in capturing the exponential attention to the aesthetics of the environment, be it public or private, natural or inhabited, and fits in with the expectations of a market oriented towards the possible ways in which design engages art. It is a different way of encounter between art, industry and society, the gradient of which is also the seduction of the "signature" which, in the specifics of the technical quality of the material and print, inescapably reveals the stylistic, poetic and visionary background of the seven artists involved. The focus remains on habitability and the thought that design can make life better, since the genesis and design test-bed are the site-specific interventions requested by the curator for the Atemporary Apartments where art is combined with hospitality. With a view to a progressive diffusion and experimentation with other artists, to make the leap from one house to a thousand houses, CARTEdition is the cultural and material landing place of a union of intentions acting between space and individual.

Porzia Bergamasco