Innovation and function

WET SYSTEM™ is the patent pending technical wall finishing for damp environments such as bathrooms, fitness and wellness centers, that combines, in only one system, the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wall coverings.

Compared to other wall finishings, WET SYSTEM™ is not only watertight but it is also a decorative wall covering, which blocks water leakages to the underneath substrate offering a complete waterproof finishing for bathrooms and showers.

Specific for damp environments (Bathrooms, kitchens, fitness and wellness centers, spas)

Materic texture with a semi-gloss finishing

Resistant against yellowing, aggression of household cleaning detergents and abrasion

Suitable for application on surfaces made out of cement, plasterboard, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles

Patent pending and in compliance to ETAG 022 guidelines

Fast to install also on existing mural surfaces

Width of only 1,5 mm

Limited building waste materials, dust and noise


00 Primer
01 Adhesive
02 Technical Fiber
03 Protective Finishings


The waterproof decorative membrane WET SYSTEM™ is an all-in-one system tested in compliance to the ETAG 022, the European Technical Approval Guidelines defining how to perform testing in order to certify the technical properties of products resistant against water, temperature variations and movement of construction materials.

WET SYSTEM™ has been developed to be installed in indoor damp environments with temperatures ranging from +10° to +35° on walls that are:

occasionally in contact with direct water, such as walls behind bathroom sinks;

directly inside showers and/or around bathtubs used few times a day such as in private homes and hotels;

exposed to water with high frequency or for prolonged sessions such as for showers in sports and wellness centers.